Forgiveness- Let Yourself Free

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Well where do I began >

I heard a story years ago that changed my life. I mean this story had such an impact on me because at first, some of the details were just hard to grasp. I mean seriously. So I had to read about it myself.

Well let me tell you. This is a story about how someone can have so much love for another that they was willing, well not just willing but proceeded to do an act of love that changed the game entirely.

First let us state the obvious. That is that TRUE forgiveness begins with LOVE. Yes i said it love. Love is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection. Now why would I start with love of all things when talking about forgiveness. Well in order to forgive someone you must have been hurt or affected in a negative fashion by someone who you care for or value. So let’s break that down another way.

  1. Got hurt or offended
  2. in order to get hurt or offended, i must have placed value on that person or deep affection towards.

There is no way you can truly get hurt or offended by someone you don’t know. It is easy to grant someone you don’t know forgiveness. Due to the fact that you don’t know them as well. You have not built a trust or any real confidence in them. Now if you know someone pretty well to very well and that person does something, usually in the form of betrayal this is where you get truly offended and affected by hurt. But it sounds funny but getting hurt is because of love.

Now commands us to forgive. He wants us to give that person or persons another chance. Why not just because it’s a command but because real true love forgives. It’s just that hurting process of repeating to yourself”why could they do what they did to me” this is what causes us to delay the forgiveness process.

Now back to this story i started telling you about. Well I guess you figured it out. This story is about how John 3:16 came alive to me years ago.

John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


Now this is powerful. God loves us so much. I mean not just wants us to serve him just because, but God really loves us. Hallelujah. It’s that God type of love that changes lives. That’s the kind of love a man should have to his bride. This love is not common love or brotherly love that we usually loosely use. This is that  AGAPE love. The love that transcends anything we do against him. Agape love is that unconditional love. Meaning it comes with no conditions or requirements. This is that love that we should have. This is that love that I experienced when I first heard this scripture as a child. At a young age i understood that wow we betrayed Gods trust by doing what was done and God still loves us so much that even in our sinful ways and nature He himself made a way for us to still be saved from eternal damnation. Wow this is the love I wanna share with people. If he can do that for me than I can do that for others. The love that says yea you messed up. yes you really hurt me. I may need a little time to heal but I love you so much that I don’t want our separation anymore let’s come back together. Love looks past faults of others. Jesus said on the cross Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Wow for me , you did that for me.

Praise break.

Why did Jesus die ?

He died for our sins.

Well what is sin that it had to be forgiven ? Sin is an act of transgression towards God and his laws. so we committed an act or acts of transgression where transgression means to make an offense towards another.

O.K so here’s what happened. We offended God by our act of disobedience. But I’ll take it a step further. We offended God by betraying his trust and believing another or taking the word or placing our trust in another.

This is why relationships fall. Because trust has been betrayed. That is why it’s hard naturally for someone to forgive a friend or loved one for doing them wrong, because the trust between them has been betrayed. Now how do you trust that person again after knowing what they did to you.


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